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Why NOW is the best time to go Solar:

Accelerated Depreciation for Commercial & AG.

  • The 2018 Tax Bill allows for 100% depreciation in year one.
  • CA state depreciation can be MACRS or Straight-Line.

Tax Credits have never been higher.

Solar Installation costs have never been lower

  • Module tariffs have been absorbed into the market.
  • Manufacturers have found ways to offer lower prices.
  • Consumers are the beneficiaries of these new margins.

PG&E Rate Structure Lock-in under NEM 2.0

  • NEM 3.0 coming in 2019
  • Going solar now will grandfather you into NEM 2.0.
  • Under NEM 2.0 you will not have to worry about your compensation changing or additional fees since the rate structure will be valid for 20 years once your solar system is operational.

Long and Short Term Savings

  • Solar can reduce your electric bill and the savings you receive immediately from your purchase will compound over the life of your system. Even a small residential project can add up over 20 years.
  • Solar protects against rising rates today and saves money tomorrow.

Hedge against inflation

Adds value to your property.

  • Adding a photovoltaic (PV) solar system is almost always a good real estate investment and, for example, may contribute to increasing home values by 3 to 4 percent.
  • The combined benefit of higher resale value and lifetime energy savings makes solar a compelling financial investment.

Battery and Storage Solutions

We are certified in Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Battery Design

About Sommers Construction

Sommers Construction has decades of construction experience. In that time we have built agricultural buildings, homes, and churches throughout Northern California.

We provide end to end Solar Energy solutions, including site audit, system design, custom engineering, solar panel & complete system installation, inspection and commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.

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