The utility companies are planning for future expansion.

Protect yourself against endless price hikes.

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Where the rate increases are coming from:

As you can see 50% of your bill isn't even for the energy itself. This is where PG&E has huge liabilities that they are passing on to you.

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Residential Solar

No two houses are alike.

As you can see from this irradiance map from houses in Chico, the two houses on the left do not have the same sun exposure as the houses on the right. Hypothetically, if all the power bills were the same for these houses, then the far left house would need more modules to make up for the lack of sun availability throughout the year.

Protect yourself from Escalating Rates

Systems like this one are giving a retired couple the protection they need from rate increases.

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13.4kW - Paradise, CA

Does Solar Power Make Financial Sense for You?

Homeowners often wonder whether solar power installations are cost effective. In most cases, when your monthly electric bill is $150 or more, going solar is a no-brainer.

Once we verify that your home is suitable for a solar panel installation, you will be offered several different ways to finance your system -- pay cash, take out a solar loan, or use a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing arrangement to pay for your solar system. We will provide you all your options and let you decide what makes most sense for your home.

Regardless of how you decide to pay for your solar system, more often than not, you can go solar for no money out of pocket to protect against rising rates and saving each month over the life of your solar energy system.

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